Otect is a premium camera accessory company based in Amsterdam. Originally conceived as Q-CAP in early 2020 when the company made a single product aimed at the Leica Q range of cameras. Now as we grow and release products for other Leica cameras we felt a brand name change was in order! 

Our precision camera components are designed in Amsterdam by Michael Jones.
"Everything has to be the highest quality, from the aluminium stock, the machine settings to the bead blasting and anodising. It's taken a lot of work to get to the standard required but that's the quality that is expected on a Leica camera and we need to match that."
Our goal for this year is to grow the product range and provide solutions that our customers love. The feedback we have received from Q-CAP has been really encouraging so we are confident we can make nice solutions for the M lenses too.
From the beginning we decided that having a low environmental impact was a key part of our business. We think businesses of all sizes should give back, for us the choice was obvious to use a partner like OneTreePlanted who are doing a great job of saving the planet and reducing our CO2 footprint. With every product sale we plant a tree, last year it was hundreds, this year we are aiming for thousands. You can read more about our reforestation efforts here